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Tax Strategies & Corporate Structure

SCG, through its affiliates, will provide you with an income tax plan that is strategically aligned with the tax code, which places you in a position to be efficiently structured to legally reduce your tax liability. We've partnered with a 3rd party tax law firm to help get you on the right path towards your financial independence. Taxes are the largest expense for a successful business owner, you owe it to yourself to ensure you are efficiently structured to help legally reduce your income taxes.

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Land Donation

The tax code allows a taxpayer to legally reduce their adjusted gross income for fee simple land donations. Industry research shows that the private industry is far more efficient in land preservation when compared to the federal government.

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Retirement Planning

There are many different options available for retirement planning. We are able to assist you whether you are concerned about your own retirement or want to ensure your employees are setting themselves up properly.

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Corporate Structure

There are over 75,000 pages in the tax code. This means that every individual and business abides by the same rule book. However, there is a vast difference in tax liability between an informed and an uninformed tax payer.

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Estate Planning

You work hard to grow your wealth, an estate plan can help you preserve it during both planned and unplanned life events.

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Private Insurance

Private insurance enables businesses and organizations to directly obtain insurance coverage for selected risks, transfer high exposure to third parties, and designate an investor to participate in an innovative profit-sharing program.

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